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Bamberg, South Carolina

Economic Development

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Factory workerYour company and your family will have plenty of room to grow here in Bamberg.  Our city offers historic Southern Charm and small-town comfort.  Our commitment to a thriving business environment could afford your company significant savings through our tax advantages, competitive wage rates and transportation access.  Many new commercial and retail businesses, as well as industries seeking expansion opportunities, will find a receptive and supporting team here in Bamberg.  The City of Bamberg has designated industrial sites complete with the infrastructure, amenities, available workforce, and financial incentives to insure an efficient and cost-effective start-up and on-going operation.  We encourage you to explore doing business in our community.

City of Bamberg
Economic Development Commission
P.O. Box 300
Bamberg, SC  29003




City of Bamberg
2340 Main Highway
Bamberg, SC  29003
803.245.5128    fax: 803.245.5156

Last Update:  February 25, 2002